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Fly Fishing School

Since its creation, fly fishing has been the subject of many poetic and scholarly works. Libraries have been filled with enamored words on the subject, and yet, relatively few people possess the applicable skills necessary to be proficient in this art. Why is this? The answer is quiet simple: Fly fishing is an experiential, "hands on" art form which cannot be learned solely from literature. For this reason, we created a fly fishing school which is dedicated to the "hands on" approach to education. Our instructors are experienced and licensed guides who enjoy teaching their knowledge to others. To optimize learning, and to provide personal attention to each student, we limit the size of our classrooms.

Fundamentals of Fly Fishing- This class is dedicated to teaching the novice fisherman the proper fundamentals of fly fishing. Here you will learn knot tying, casting, basic entomology and fly patterns, correct catch and release techniques, and equipment selection. Four person max. (four hours).

River School- A full day of instruction that begins with "Fundamentals of Fly Fishing" after which we will head down to the famous Ausable River and put the knowledge you have learned to the test. While fishing the river, you will be instructed in more advanced techniques such as accuracy casting, presentation, and line control. Two person max. (eight hours).

River Craft- This class is designed for those individuals dedicated to learning the finer points of fly fishing. Your day of instruction will begin riverside. Here you will learn the structure of a river, where the most fish are likely to be found and why, how to approach or "stalk" fish, and how to "match the hatch" no matter what river you are fishing. After class you will apply your knowledge to the Ausable River - one of the finest trout rivers in the east! Two person max. (eight hours).

We have single and multiple day packages available, discounts given when staying at our Inn. For more information call: (518) 523-2001