Placid Bay Inn, on Lake Placid is an environmental advocate.
Every day is Earth Day!

Reuse Recycle Reduce


We are doing our part in minimizing our carbon footprint on the environment, personally and commercially with our family run Inn of 29+ years. Our Inn is small, but its important we ALL do our part in protecting and conserving the environment, each and every day.

Its the small acts by many that can produce great and lasting changes. Respect your mother (Earth).

Think GREEN each and every day!
Here are a few things we are doing to make a difference and do our part.


  • We use Energy star appliances. Use of front loading washing machines, which use less water, detergent and less drying time.
  • All of our Bed linens and Bath towels are MADE in the USA from the finest 100% Pima Cotton.
  • We promote conservation of A/C and Heat with a friendly reminder to keep all doors and windows closed when units are in use.
  • Our outdoor pool is heated solely by a solar cover, saving thousands of hours of electricity and money.
  • We use only EARTH friendly cleaning products, which are all biodegradable and organic lawn and plant fertilizers. The soil for planters/flower beds are from composted material.
  • Lawn clippings, leaves and other natural refuse are composted.


  • We recycle cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, tin/aluminum, batteries of all kinds and office supplies. Unless requested differently we send all confirmations via email, reducing paper usage. All motor oil from lawn mowers and trimmers is recycled at a local waste site.
  • All glass and plastic bottles which have 5 cent deposits are donated to our local Girl Scout Troop; thousands of dollars a year are raised for their organization and community efforts.


  • We promote using towels more than once, which saves hundreds of pounds of detergent and thousands of gallons of water each year.
  • Any unclaimed items left behind in lost and found over 30 days are donated to our local Good Will.

We take great pride in the natural beauty and wildlife of the Adirondack Park which has been attracting visitors for centuries. We are committed to doing our share to protect and nurture this little slice of heaven and quaint village of Lake Placid, NY. Thank you for your interest and all your help in saving the environment and all its special and beautiful places. GO GREEN!

We use Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Products which are made with NATURAL ESSENTIAL OILS, are biodegradable and phosphate free. Never tested on animals and never made with animal derived ingredients. All packaging is made from recycled material. Amazing cleaning products and good for the environment too!

Mrs. Meyers Cleaning Products
The Dramm Family
Placid Bay Inn, on Lake Placid